Our Team

Board of Directors
DJ Peterson, President
Debe Loxton, Vice President
Renee Ordeneaux, Treasurer
Jeff Jamison, Secretary
Carol Bornstein
Gary Breaux
Peggy Brutsche
Eric Callow
Maria De Leon
Snowdy Dodson
Mike Hamilton
Stephanie Pincetl

Executive Director: Kitty Connolly

Director of Horticulture: Tim Becker
Seed Program Manager: Genevieve Arnold
Seed Program Technician: Kelsey Thurow
Production Manager: Jordan Isken
Production Foreman: Francisco Rosales
Nursery Production: Elmer Luna, Armando Rivas
Nursery Sales Manager: Flora Ito
Nursery Sales: Asher Guzik
Horticulturist: Steve Singer

Director of Special Projects and Adult Education: Lili Singer
Director of Outreach: Lisa Novick
K-12 Educator: Diana Sherwood
Bookstore and Front Office Manager: Janeen Apodaca
Bookstore Assistant: Julio Trejo
Director of Operations: Andrew Chaves
Volunteer Engagement Coordinator: Brenda Kyle
Bookkeeper: Margaret Boseroy

Webmaster: Matt Silbert, IamTheWebMan.com
Garden Tour Coordinators: Margaret Oakley Otto & Philip Otto