Theodore Payne Gallery

The Theodore Payne Gallery at our Sun Valley headquarters is open to the public during business hours. Three exhibitions are offered each year, featuring contemporary, modern and historic artists whose work is influenced by our state flora, landscape and natural history.

Calliandra californica, Red Fairy Duster Photo: Susan Gottlieb

Current Exhibition

The Gottlieb Native Garden: Photographs by Susan Gottlieb
Saturday, May 6 through Saturday, 
August 19, 2017

In a city with more concrete than green space, The Gottlieb Native Garden: Photographs by Susan Gottlieb, celebrates the home garden of Susan and Dan Gottlieb, as well as Susan’s new book: The Gottlieb Native Garden: A California Love Story.

Located minutes from the Beverly Hills Hotel, Susan and Dan’s garden is a beautiful urban oasis and a haven for native wildlife. The Xerces Society has designated it as a Pollinator Habitat, and the National Wildlife Federation has certified it as a Backyard Wildlife Habitat. At the Theodore Payne Foundation, we include it every year on our annual garden tour, drawing hundreds to the Gottliebs’ thriving California native plant landscape. It has also received national attention, including a 2008 New York Times story. In the 25 years since Susan moved into Dan’s home and ripped out the ivy to “go native,” the now-mature Gottlieb Native Garden has become one of the most renowned native gardens in the country.

By sharing her story and photographs, Susan hopes to inspire others to garden for wildlife.

Prints of Susan’s artwork, as well as copies of the book The Gottlieb Native Garden: A California Love Story will be available for purchase at the opening and throughout the run of the exhibition.