Speakers Bureau

The TPF Speakers Bureau provides informative illustrated presentations by knowledgeable staff members to neighborhood groups, garden clubs, educational institutions and public agencies throughout the region.

Most programs are one hour in length (including questions) with resource lists and educational materials. To cover expenses, we request a $150 honorarium.

Contact: info@theodorepayne.org or 818-768-1802.

We offer the following presentations:

Beneficial Bugs in the Garden with Lili Singer. A healthy native garden includes a miniature menagerie of tiny insects and other creatures that keep pest populations in check. This richly illustrated lecture highlights helpful bugs you’re likely to find in home landscapes, with tips on how to attract and conserve them. Lili is TPF’s director of special projects and adult education, a Los Angeles native and an award-winning horticulturist, educator and garden writer.

California Native Plants: The Big Picture with Lisa Novick. This highly illustrated lecture showcases the beauty and ecological importance of California native plants and how their use in the garden conserves water and energy. Learn about gardening for support of plant-animal relationships, biodiversity, ecosystem services and our natural heritage. Lisa is TPF’s director of outreach and K-12 education, a credentialed teacher and published writer.

California Native Plant Horticulture with Lili Singer. The essentials on gardening with California flora: why natives are valuable, about plant communities, plus planting techniques, establishment, irrigation, pruning and ongoing maintenance. (Two hours.)

Four Seasons of Color with California Natives with Lili Singer. Your native plant garden can be a seasonal showcase of flowers, seed, fruit and foliage. This class illustrates a wealth of trees, shrubs, vines, perennials and grasses that can ensure color all year long.

Gardening for Wildlife with Lisa Novick. You and your garden can be part of local ecosystem health. This illustrated talk reveals native plants that provide essential leaf, nectar, seed, nut and berry foods for Southern California bird, bee and butterfly species, among other welcome wildlife. Plant natives and they will come!

Native Plants and Hummingbirds with Lili Singer Learn how to attract and support hummingbirds, including which native plants these tiny and beautiful creatures favor and how to keep the birds healthy and happy all year.

Look, Ma, No Lawn! with Lili Singer. Are you ready to lose the lawn? We’ll explain how to take it out and offer alternatives for the space–specifically low-care native plants that need no fertilizer and use a fraction of the water required for turf.

Perfect Partners: Gardening with Natives and All Sorts of Edibles with Lili Singer.  Gardening with natives and growing our own food are two wonderful activities that help us connect with nature and use our land in a positive ways. This class discusses how best to combine natives and edibles in the home garden, why this partnership is so rewarding for both the gardener/chef and wildlife, and which plants make the best companions.

Three Case Studies in Urban Ecological Restoration with Lisa Novick. Projects at the Los Angeles sites of MacArthur Park, Euclid Avenue Elementary School and Topanga LAPD Station are used to illustrate adaptive restoration and management issues and their consequences, with special attention paid to the planning and implementation process and lessons learned. Lisa gave this talk at the international Eco Summit in October 2012.