Wild Flower Hotline

The acclaimed Theodore Payne Wild Flower Hotline, founded in 1983, offers free weekly on-line and recorded updates – posted each Friday from March through May – on the best locations for viewing spring wild flowers in Southern and Central California. All locations are on easily accessible public lands and range from urban to wild, distant to right here in Los Angeles. We balance the spectacle of flower fields with the diversity of perennials. Read our blog about the Wild Flower Hotline.

Call 818 768-1802, ext. 7 each Friday to hear new reports recorded by Emmy Award-winner Joe Spano, the Voice of the Wild Flower Hotline!

The Hotline is meant to help people enjoy the unique and beautiful nature of Southern California, without diminishing that resource in years to come. We encourage people to treat these floral treasures with the respect due to all living organisms.

Flower viewing etiquette is simple:

  • Stay on the paths
  • Stand on bare ground
  • Leave the flowers unharmed

The Wild Flower Hotline is made possible by memberships, donations, and the generous support of S&S Seeds. Please support the Hotline today!

Listen online, narrated by Joe Spano

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To contribute a tip please send an email to flowerhotline at theodorepayne.org


Buy a NEW guide to wild flower locations in Theodore Payne Foundation’s online shop or in our store. This illustrated guide by Spencer Westbrook contains turn by turn directions to some of the most reliable sites in Southern California for viewing our wonderful flowers.


Wild Flower Hotline Reports in PDF