Local Source Initiative

Native California plant propagation by TimThe Local Source Initiative (LSI) is a collaborative effort between the Nursery and Seed programs to protect biodiversity by making available plants that are grown from seed and/or cuttings from plants from our local region.

Plant species develop genetic adaptations based on local factors specific to individual plant and pollinator populations. Locally sourced plants can be recognized in our nursery by a special label with the general area from with they originated.

All local source seed collections are conducted by trained staff in an ethical manner that is not destructive to the plants or their habitats. Quantities harvested are small and obtained only under official permit, memorandum of understanding or written permission from the landowner. TPF does not condone the unpermitted (illegal) harvesting of seed in wild areas or on private property. This initiative is thoughtfully designed to offer locally sourced plants with minimal impact on local populations.