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TPF will be closed for online order pickups on Saturday, July 4th, resuming pickup hours on Thursday, July 9th between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. We appreciate our customers and supporters a great deal and wish you a good holiday weekend!

Eschscholzia californica var. maritima


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TPF Updates Concerning the Coronavirus

Tuesday, March 24 While the Sales Yard and Bookstore remain closed until further notice, we are happy to announce that our new plant takeout system is up and running. You can select plants from our inventory, pay over the phone, and pick them up safely without coming...

Celebrating Our 60th Anniversary

By Evan Meyer, Executive Director Two days before his passing in May of 1963, Theodore Payne had a simple request. Speaking of the Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants, only three years old at the time, he asked Jim Seaman, our first board...