Theodore Payne Nursery Inventory

Plants for sale as of August 9th, 2018

Summer Hours: Thursday – Saturday 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM. Closed Sunday – Wednesday

Directions to TPF

Plants are available at the nursery only. No mail order. No delivery.
This inventory is updated (weekly) and subject to change.

Help us help you…bring the following info when you come:
1) Climate (where you do live?)
2) Soil (clay, sand, or?)
3) Sun (how many hours at what time of day?)
4) Space (measurements of the place you want to plant)

August Plant of the Month:
Opuntia littoralis – Western Prickly Pear, Coast Prickly Pear (Cactaceae)
For inventory questions, email sales at
         Key to Plant Sizes
4” = 4 inch 1G = 1 gallon 5G = 5 gallon
15G = 15 gallon PF = 128 plug flat LT = 50 – 2” liner tray