Theodore Payne Foundation Mission & Goals


Theodore Payne Foundation inspires and educates Southern Californians about the beauty and ecological benefits of California native plant landscapes.

Strategic Goals and Objectives for 2020+

Goal: Normalize native plant landscapes.
 •  The public values and expects to see native plants.
 •  Gardeners know how to use native plants.
 •  Students are knowledgeable about native plants.

Goal: Engage and educate a larger and more diverse audience.
 •  TPF reaches a larger audience via its education and volunteer programs.
 •  Home gardeners convert to and maintain native plant landscapes.
 •  Students experience native plants at schools and in their region.
 •  TPF engages a more diverse audience.

Goal: Increase the presence of TPF and native plants throughout our geographic area.
 •  People throughout our region learn from TPF programs.
 •  Partnerships extend TPF’s reach.
 •  Native plants are widely available.
 •  Exemplary native plant landscapes are highly visible throughout our region.

Goal: Expand our influence on the landscape industry.
 •  TPF is a widely recognized industry asset.
 •  TPF training is the industry standard.

Goal: Influence public policy and practice.
 •  Government entities seek council from and partner with TPF.
 •  Landscape practices shift through changes in policy.