Our Staff

Executive Director: Evan Meyer
Executive Assistant: Katie Tilford

Director of Horticulture: Tim Becker
Director of Operations & Finance: Andrew Chaves
Creative Director: Marie Astrid Gonzalez
Director of Public Programs: Erin Johnson
Merchandise Manager: Yvette Corona
Seed Program Manager: Genevieve Arnold
Education Manager: Anjali Berger
Nursery Sales Manager: Flora Ito
Community Engagement Manager: Brenda Kyle
Nursery Production Manager: Elmer Luna

Nursery Sales Associate: Ella Andersson
Nursery Sales Associate: Erik Blank
Bookkeeper: Margaret Boseroy
Seed Program Technician: Laura Breidenthal
Nursery Production Assistant: Elmer Luna
Nursery Production Assistant: Kevin Luna
Nursery Sales Assistant Manager: Alejandro Lemus
Nursery Production Assistant: Hector Rivas