Landscaping for Resilience

LFR project: Silver Lake Meadow

Landscaping for Resilience (LFR) is a community-led project that transforms public spaces into drought-tolerant native landscapes that offer beauty, ecological benefits, and space for community connection and knowledge sharing. Under the guidance of TPF professionals, community partners collaborate to design, fund, install, and care for a native garden. Fees vary based on the size and complexity of the site.

Once complete, participants are encouraged to use their garden for public education through classes, informational signage, and workshops, all of which spread knowledge about native plants and create skills for landscape change throughout the neighborhood. LFR gardens serve as a catalyst for change, demonstrating how communities, government agencies, and non-profits can work together to enhance green space and positively impact the local ecology of Southern California. 

Essential Elements:

  1. Garden Site: Publicly Owned Land
  2. Community: Invested Neighborhood Volunteers
  3. Partners: Neighborhood Councils, Government Agencies, etc.
  4. Funding: Grants, Donations, etc.

LFR Project: Los Feliz Post Office

Let’s get started!

If you’re interested in launching a LFR garden in your community, please contact Erin Johnson, Manager of Outreach, erin at