Sustainable Legacy Program

Contact TPFWhat mark will you make on Southern California?

A Southern California that embraces the nature of California will be rich with beautiful native plants, enjoy a healthy environment, and protect us all from coming climatic shifts. Indifference to local conditions, landscaping as if we live in the Midwest, is using up our scarce water and energy without sustaining life in return. California native plants put us in touch with our climate, our place, our plants, and our animals.

Do your part to ensure that the California of the future is the one you want to see for your community. Include Theodore Payne Foundation in your planned giving.

A charitable bequest to Theodore Payne Foundation offers many benefits:

Simplicity: One sentence in your will or trust is all that is needed: “I give and bequeath to Theodore Payne Foundation for Wild Flowers & Native Plants, Tax ID #95-6095398, the sum of $XXXX or XX% of my estate, or XX% of the rest and remainder of my estate or a specific item.”

Flexibility: You can change your mind at any time.

Tax Reduction: If your estate is subject to federal or state estate taxes, your gift is entitled to an estate tax charitable deduction to the maximal extent allowed by law. Consult your attorney or accountant for details.

Versatility: You can structure your bequest in the way that is best for you: a specific item, stocks that have appreciated in value, retirement accounts, or make your bequest contingent on certain events. You can choose to leave a percentage of your residual estate to the Foundation. It’s up to you.

Impact: Bequests, 401(K) beneficiaries, and appreciated equities support Theodore Payne’s long-range work to transform Southern California with native plants.

We understand that the future is unpredictable. Circumstances may change and you may change your plans or your priorities. This is why you can change your gift at any time and, of course, consult your estate planner or attorney for advice that is appropriate for your individual situation.

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