City of Butterflies / Ciudad de Mariposas

TPF’s City of Butterflies / Ciudad de Mariposas initiative empowers children to become eco-activists who make their communities safer, more life sustaining, and more playful! Youth will learn about the essential relationship between native plants and the butterflies they support and become part of a collaborative effort – to increase the presence of butterflies and the plants they thrive on – in neighborhoods across Los Angeles County.

Top Ten: March 2019

Planting for a super bloom at home! California poppy species stayed on top in March along with many colored varieties and annuals that didn’t make it into the top 10. Eschscholzia californica Salvia spathacea Sphaeralcea ambigua Eriogonum arborescens Penstemon...

Top Ten: February 2019

California poppy held on to top position in February 2019. It shares the Top 10 with other heavy bloomers like Margarita BOP, Matilija poppy, and monkey flower. Flat-topped buckwheat is a break out, adding to the Eriogonum fasciculatum varieties that have previously...

Beyond Milkweed: More Plants for Monarchs

by Asher Guzik, Assistant Nursery Manager
The foundations of any monarch butterfly garden undoubtedly rests on our native milkweeds (Asclepias spp.), as these are the only plants monarch caterpillars can eat. Though you may have to wait to plant milkweed, there is something you can do for monarchs now: plant nectar sources for adult monarch butterflies.

Top Ten: January 2019

It’s getting time for wild flowers so it’s good to see California poppy as the top seller in January 2019. I’m pretty sure it was dreams of even more flowers that sent Channel Island bush poppy home with so many folks, too. Another of our local collections, this time a toyon, made it into the top 10.

Growing Milkweed from Seed

By Jordan Isken, Production Manager
At the winter plant sale this last weekend one of the most frequent requests from customers was for milkweed plants. Jordan Isken, Production Manager, details exactly how we grow it so that you might be able to start your own this year from home (with seed purchased from our shop!).

Bestsellers in 2018

For all you growers out there who are wondering which California native plants to carry, here is are our top ten sellers for all of 2018. Number 6, Trichostema lanatum, can be a bit tricky to grow but the rest have all made our “easy” lists in the past.

Top Ten: December 2018

These were our top ten sellers in December 2018. Not surprisingly, Margarita BOP had a good month in both 4 inch and 1G, but the California buckwheat from the Verdugo Mountains, a product of our Local Source Initiative, broke into the top ten as well. Penstemon...