Outreach to Schools

In Schools


TPF brings classes to schools. Nature is not just “out there,” it is the ground and stories beneath out feet. Beginning with California native plants and our local environment, we offer programs in all subject-matter areas using environmental topics as a lens.

Classes cover any of the topics we offer on the grounds beginning from where we are. Students are encouraged to “read their surroundings like a primary source,” refine their skills of observation, description, categorization, and inference. Topics include, plant-animal relationships, plant adaptation to environment, cultural and natural history of our place.

We offer classes, Urban Ecology walks, Youth Teach Youth program, students help to design their school garden, and more! Please contact us about our offerings!

K-12 Outreach

For community organizations and educators, TPF offers K-12 Educational Outreach. These positive, casual experiences instill greater awareness and appreciation of California native plants in the local environment in a fun, short-duration experiences.

K-12 Outreach invites youth to consider Southern California habitats, plant adaptations, the local natural environment rich in biodiversity, and the important role native plants play in our daily lives.  Each event is taught by TPF staff and/or volunteers, and includes materials and information to take home.

Please call 818-768-1802 ext. 22 or email K12 at theodoreopayne.org to check on availability.

For booths, tabled, festival and informational events, please explore the TPF OUTREACH PROGRAM

Native Plant School Gardens

Need help designing your school’s native anFor Teachersd edible garden? TPF will visit your site, make recommendations, and furnish a design, plant list, and instructions for installation and maintenance.

TPF has assisted in the installation of gardens at more than two dozen private and public schools in Los Angeles County, including schools in the Alhambra, Glendale, Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Santa Clarita Unified School Districts. Many gardens were created in partnership with LA’s BEST Afterschool Enrichment Program.

k12 [at] theodorepayne.org or (818) 768-1802 ext. 22.