Native Plants are a Force for Change

Native Plants …

beautify the landscape
native plants are rich in color, form, texture, and aroma – with careful design, your garden can have flowers year round
nurture pollinators and other wildlife
native plants provide food and shelter for birds, hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators
save water
once established, California native gardens use, on average, 80% less water than conventional gardens
thrive in our local climate
native plants are adapted to our natural cycles, responding to cool, wet winters with lush growth and slowing down during the hot, dry summers
prefer our soils
native plants do well in our native soils and do not require soil amendments or fertilizers so add no contaminants to groundwater
cut pesticide use
native plants typically have fewer pest problems than non-natives because they have co-evolved
minimize your carbon footprint
most California native plants are grown in state and travel short distances to your nursery while creating local jobs
reduce maintenance
a well-designed native garden, planted for the mature size of the plants, can require very little maintenance once established
can be installed at low cost
native gardens can easily be started with one-gallon size plants, saving on installation costs
cool the environment
even through native plants are water thrifty, they play an active role in the water cycle, adding cooling moisture to the atmosphere
harmonize with diverse garden styles
from cottage to formal to contemporary, there are native plants for every design
create a sense of place
the diversity of our flora means gardeners have many options for creating place-specific, local gardens that connect us with California’s past and its future