Abronia villosa

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Botanical Name: Abronia villosa
Common Name: Desert Sand Verbena

Rare throughout its range, endemic to CA. Threatened by flood control activities and development. Requires excellent drainage. Does best on coast.

Family Name: Nyctaginaceae

Size: 4 in. H x 20 in. W

Form: Annual

Growth Habit: Prostrate to ascending

Growth Rate: Fast

Deciduous: Deciduous

Flower Color: Pink to magenta

Flowering: January - August

Exposure: Full sun

Soil Type: Well-draining

Soil Moisture: Occasional

Hardiness: 0

CNPS Status: List 1B/RED 2-3-3

Distribution: South Coast, Deserts

Habitat: Sandy places in creosote-bush or coastal-sage scrub. 2000' - 4000'

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