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<h3>'''Botanical Name:''' ''Acer circinatum''<br>
<h3>'''Botanical Name:''' ''Acer circinatum''<br>
'''Common Name:''' Vine Maple</h3>
'''Common Name:''' Vine Maple</h3>

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Botanical Name: Acer circinatum
Common Name: Vine Maple

Nice small tree, often reclining and rooting. Beautiful fall color and red fruit. Requires moderate summer watering. Good for erosion control near streams.

Plant Family: Aceraceae

Plant Type: Tree

Height by Width: 3' - 25' H x 5-10' W

Growth Habit: Multi-stemmed, sprawling

Deciduous/Evergreen: Winter deciduous

Growth Rate: Slow

Sun Exposure: Shade or partial sun

Soil Preference: Adaptable

Water Requiremenets: Moderate to regular

Cold Hardy to: 35 degrees F

Flower Season: Spring

Flower Color: Greenish-white

Endangered? Not listed

Distribution: North and Central Northwestern CA, High Cascade Range, North Sierra Nevada

Natural Habitat: Shaded stream banks and damp places below 4500'

Hummingbirds: TRUE
Birds: TRUE
Under Oaks: FALSE
Butterflies: FALSE
Aromatic: FALSE
Slope/Erosion: FALSE
Container: FALSE

Care and Maintenance


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