Agave desertii

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Agave desertii
Agave desertii
Agave desertii

Botanical Name: Agave desertii
Common Name: Desert Agave

Dramatic flower stalks rise on stalk up to 15 feet tall. Give well-drained soil, sparse water, and sun. Likes very dry conditions--does best away from immediate coast. It is the larval food plant for the CA Giant-Skipper butterfly.

Plant Family: Agavaceae

Plant Type: Succulent

Height by Width: 2' H x 3' W (flower to 15' H)

Growth Habit: Rosettes, forming colony

Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen

Growth Rate: Slow

Sun Exposure: Full sun

Soil Preference: Well-draining

Water Requiremenets: Drought-tolerant to infrequent

Cold Hardy to: Frost tender

Flower Season: May - July

Flower Color: Yellow

Endangered? Not listed

Distribution: Colorado and Mojave Deserts; Baja

Natural Habitat: Desert washes and dry slopes below 5000'

Hummingbirds: TRUE
Birds: FALSE
Under Oaks: FALSE
Butterflies: TRUE
Aromatic: FALSE
Slope/Erosion: FALSE
Container: TRUE

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