Allium unifolium

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Botanical Name: Allium unifolium
Common Name: Pink Meadow Onion, One-leaf Onion

Large and ornamental onion good for meadows and rock gardens. Native to grassy streambanks of Northern California, it thrives in moist, heavy soil. Tolerates clay soil, some shade and summer water. Uncommon.

Plant Family: Amaryllidaceae

Plant Type: Bulb

Height by Width: 2' H

Growth Habit: Clumps of grass-like leaves

Deciduous/Evergreen: Summer dormant

Growth Rate: Fast

Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade

Soil Preference: Adaptable, prefers clay

Water Requiremenets: Infrequent to occasional

Cold Hardy to:

Flower Season: Spring/Summer

Flower Color: Pink and white


Distribution: Northwestern and Central Western CA

Natural Habitat: Moist clay or serpentine, especially grassy streambanks

Hummingbirds: FALSE
Birds: FALSE
Under Oaks: FALSE
Butterflies: TRUE
Clay: TRUE
Aromatic: TRUE
Slope/Erosion: FALSE
Container: FALSE

Care and Maintenance


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