Amorpha fruticosa

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Amorpha fruticosa

Botanical Name: Amorpha fruticosa
Common Name: False indigo

Beautiful foliage and flowers. Interesting, distinctive look. Drought tolerant in partial shade. Will take water in the summer. Good for erosion control, but allow room for wandering, creeping roots.

Plant Family: Fabaceae
Plant Type: Shrub
Height by Width: 10' H x 7' W
Growth Habit: Open branching habit
Deciduous/Evergreen: Winter deciduous
Growth Rate: Fast
Sun Exposure: Full sun to shade
Soil Preference: Well-draining
Water Requirements: Moderate to regular
Cold Hardy to: 15 degrees F
Flower Season: Summer
Flower Color: Dark purple w/orange
Endangered?: Not Listed
Distribution: Central and Southern South Coast, San Bernardino Mtns, Peninsular Range, Northern Mexico
Natural Habitat: Along streams and canyons. Elevation: below 4000'.

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