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[[Image:Aruncus dioicus1.jpg|thumb|Aruncus dioicus]]
[[Image:Aruncus dioicus1.jpg|thumb|''Aruncus dioicus]]
[[Image:Aruncus dioicus2.jpg|thumb|Aruncus dioicus]]
[[Image:Aruncus dioicus2.jpg|thumb|''Aruncus dioicus]]
[[Image:Aruncus dioicus3.jpg|thumb|Aruncus dioicus]]
[[Image:Aruncus dioicus3.jpg|thumb|''Aruncus dioicus]]
<h3>'''Botanical Name:''' ''Aruncus dioicus var. pubescens''<br>
<h3>'''Botanical Name:''' ''Aruncus dioicus var. pubescens''<br>

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Aruncus dioicus
Aruncus dioicus
Aruncus dioicus

Botanical Name: Aruncus dioicus var. pubescens
Common Name: White Goat's Beard or Bride's Feathers

Bright green foliage and feather-like flower plumes in late spring brighten up shady spots. Spreads by rhizomes which can be divided.

Plant Family: Rosaceae
Plant Type: Perennial
Height by Width:
Growth Habit:
Growth Rate: Moderate
Sun Exposure: Part shade
Soil Preference: Loam, acidic
Water Requirements: Regular
Cold Hardy to: 6,000'
Flower Season: Spring/Summer
Flower Color: White to pale yellow
Distribution: North Coast, Klamath Range, northern portions Outer North Coast Range, Cascade Range
Natural Habitat: Moist streambanks, mixed-evergreen or coniferous forest below 6000'

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