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The following people have worked diligently to prepare the placards you see when you visit our nursery in Sun Valley, California. The information provided on these pages is drawn from those placards, and has been amassed over nearly 50 years by the staff and volunteers of the Theodore Payne Foundation. The personal experiences of these devoted individuals was generously provided to ensure that others could learn about and be successful with California natives in the garden.

Placards in their current form were prepared by:

  • Madena Asbell
  • Ken and Rhonda Gilliland
  • Marie Massa
  • John Wickham

Artwork was prepared by Annelisa Stephan.

Other contributors include:

  • Louise Gonzalez
  • Steve Hernandez
  • Yvonne LeGrice
  • Layla Leyba
  • Annelisa Stephan
  • Dr. Holliday Wagner