Calochortus superbus

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Calochortus superbus
Calochortus superbus
Calochortus superbus

Species Name: Calochortus superbus
Common Name: Superb Mariposa Lily

This gorgeous lily typically bears up to three 1-2 inch white flowers with bright yellow and deep purple-red at the base. Each petal has a splotch of color in the center. Color can vary. Needs to be dry during summer dormancy.

Plant Family: Liliaceae
Plant Type: Bulb
Height by Width: 1-2' H
Growth Habit: Upright
Deciduous/Evergreen: Summer deciduous
Growth Rate: Fast
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Soil Preference: Well-draining
Water Requirements: Summer dry
Cold Hardy to: 5100'
Flower Season: Spring
Flower Color: White/purple/yellow
Distribution: Norht West, Cascade Range Foothills, Sierra Nevada Foothills, Central West, South West
Natural Habitat: Open grassland, woodland, dry meadows, yellow-pine forest below 5100'

Care and Maintenance
Plant the base of the bulb at a depth three times the height of the bulb. Stop watering once the leaves begin to turn brown, but keep leaves on the plant until they turn completely brown.

Other Names