Draba corrugata var. corrugata

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Species Name: Draba corrugata var. corrugata
Common Name: Southern California Draba

An interesting and unusual specimen plant for the garden. This plant is common at high elevations growing under pines and among exposed rocks. Native to the San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mtns, including Mt. Baldy.

Plant Family: Brassicaceae
Plant Type: Biennial/Perennial
Height by Width: less than 10 in.
Growth Habit: Rosettes
Growth Rate: Moderate
Sun Exposure: Part sun to part shade
Soil Preference: Well-draining, rocky
Water Requirements: Drought-tolerant
Cold Hardy to: 11,400'
Flower Season: Summer
Flower Color: Yellow
Distribution: San Gabriel Mtns, San Bernardino Mtns, Peninsular Ranges
Natural Habitat: Slopes among rocks between 6,000-11,400'

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