Dudleya pulverulenta

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Dudleya pulverulenta
Dudleya pulverulenta
Dudleya pulverulenta

Species Name: Dudleya pulverulenta
Common Name: Chalk Dudleya

Succulent. Good for rock gardens and containers. No overhead water. Plant at an angle.

Plant Family: Crassulaceae
Plant Type: Succulent
Height by Width: 1' H x 1' W
Growth Habit: Rosettes
Deciduous/Evergreen: Succulent
Growth Rate: Moderate
Sun Exposure: Sun to part shade
Soil Preference: Well-drained
Water Requirements: Drought-tolerant to occasional
Cold Hardy to: Frost tender
Flower Season: Spring
Flower Color: Red
Endangered?: Not listed
Distribution: Central Coast, south coast ranges, Transverse Ranges, Peninsular ranges, desert mtns
Natural Habitat: Rocky places

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