Festuca idahoensis 'Tomales Bay'

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Species Name: Festuca idahoensis 'Tomales Bay'
Common Name: Tomales Bay Idaho fescue

Selected for its dense tufts and blue foliage, 'Tomales Bay' makes a lovely small ornamental grass for borders and meadow plantings. Can be drought-tolerant, but looks more lush if given summer water.

Plant Family: Poaceae
Plant Type: Grass (cool season)
Height by Width: 1' H x 1' W
Growth Habit: Tufted bunchgrass
Deciduous/Evergreen: Summer dormant
Growth Rate: Fast
Sun Exposure: Full sun to part shade
Soil Preference: Adaptable
Water Requirements: Moderate
Cold Hardy to:
Flower Season: Spring
Flower Color: Produces seedheads
Endangered?: Not Listed
Distribution: Selected for the garden
Natural Habitat: Selected for the garden

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