Malacothamnus fasciculatus 'Casitas'

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Malacothamnus fasciculatus 'Casitas'
Malacothamnus fasciculatus 'Casitas'

Species Name: Malacothamnus fasciculatus 'Casitas'
Common Name: Chaparral Bushmallow

Fast growing shrub recommended for informal hedge. Beautiful small holly-hock like flowers. Excellent forage source for the West Coast Lady and Western Checkered Skipper. Spreads by underground roots--can be invasive.

Plant Family: Malvaceae
Plant Type: Shrub
Height by Width: 4'-12' H x 4'-6' W
Growth Habit: Upright, spreading
Deciduous/Evergreen: Drought-deciduous
Growth Rate: Fast
Sun Exposure: Full to part sun
Soil Preference: Adaptable
Water Requirements: Drought-tolerant to moderate
Cold Hardy to: 15 degrees F
Flower Season: Summer
Flower Color: Pink
Endangered?: Not listed
Distribution: Inner North Coast Range (Mendocino County), interior San Francisco Bay Area, Outer South Coast Range, South Western CA, northern Baja CA
Natural Habitat: Coastal Sage Scrub, Chaparral, below 900' generally, although found up to 7,350' in the Peninsular range, Santa Rosa Mtns.

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