Malacothamnus fremontii

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Species Name: Malacothamnus fremontii
Common Name: Fremont's Bush Mallow

This variety of bushmallow is recommended underneath oaks and pines. Usually found in chaparral and pine forest. Forage source for the West Coast Lady and Western Checkered Skipper.

Plant Family: Malvaceae
Plant Type: Shrub
Height by Width: 3'-7' H x 5' W
Growth Habit: Upright, tall, spreading
Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen
Growth Rate: Fast
Sun Exposure: Full sun
Soil Preference: Well-draining, rocky, acidic
Water Requirements: Drought-tolerant to occasional
Cold Hardy to: 15 degrees F
Flower Season: Spring/Summer
Flower Color: Lavender
Endangered?: Not listed
Distribution: Eastern Sierra Nevada, North Coast Range Highlands, Inner North Coast Range, Sierra Nevada Foothills, Tehachapi, Eastern San Francisco Bay, Transverse Ranges, San Jacinto Mtns,
Natural Habitat: Chaparral to pine woodland from 5600-8400'

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