Montia parvifolia

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Montia parvifolia

Species Name: Montia parvifolia
Common Name: Little Leaf Miner's Lettuce

A very attractive, spreading succulent for a rock garden or in amongst your Dudleya and Sedum collection.

Plant Family: Portulacaceae
Plant Type: Rosette
Height by Width: to 18"h
Growth Habit: Spreading
Growth Rate: Moderate
Sun Exposure: Partial sun to shade
Soil Preference: Good drainage
Water Requirements: Moderate water
Cold Hardy to: to 35
Flower Season: May - July
Flower Color: Pink/white
Endangered?: Not listed
Distribution: Northwest, Cascade Range, Sierra Nevada, Central Coast, San Franscico Bay Area
Natural Habitat: Moist, rocky slopes, cliffs, creekbanks, forests; less than 8,000 feet elevation

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