Pinus longaeva

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Species Name: Pinus longaeva
Common Name: Western Bristlecone Pine

Oldest living tree, usually 3,000-4,000 years old. This ows in extremely harsh conditions and handles cold, snow, drought and poor soils. Very slow growing. Uncommon in California.

Plant Family: Pinaceae
Plant Type: Tree
Height by Width: 30-40'h x 6'w"
Growth Habit: Short, stocky, contorted
Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen
Growth Rate: Slow
Sun Exposure: Full to part sun
Soil Preference: Well-draining, dolomite
Water Requirements: Drought-tolerant to occasional
Cold Hardy to: 7500-12,000'
Flower Season: Cones
Flower Color: Cones
Endangered?: List 4/ RED 1-1-1
Distribution: White and Inyo Mountains
Natural Habitat: Bristlecone Pine Forest, subalpine coniferous woodlands, desert mountains

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