Polystichum munitum

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Polystichum munitum

Species Name: Polystichum munitum
Common Name: Western Sword Fern

Superb native fern. Excellent as ornamental groundcover for shade. Compact and lush!

Plant Family: Dryopteridaceae
Plant Type: Fern
Height by Width: 2-4' H x 2-5' W
Growth Habit: Open, low and arching
Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen
Growth Rate: Moderate to fast
Sun Exposure: Part sun-shade
Soil Preference: Well-draining, rocky, acidic
Water Requirements: Moderate to regular
Cold Hardy to: 25 degrees F
Flower Season: Spring/Summer
Flower Color:
Endangered?: Not Listed
Distribution: Northwest, Cascade Range, Southern Highlands of Sierra Nevada, Central West, Northern Channel Islands, San Diego, Guadalupe Island
Natural Habitat: Wooded hillsides, shaded slopes, rarely cliffs, outcrops below 5100'

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Care and Maintenance

  • From California Native Plants, Theodore Payne's 1941 catalog: "Long narrow fronds of rich shining green. This is the fern which is cut and shipped in such large quantities from Santa Cruz and used by florists for decorative purposes. It is quite easy to grow and is one of the very best of the native ferns to plant in the garden. Gallon cans, 50c."
Other Names
  • Bornstein, Carol, David Fross, and Bart O'Brien. California Native Plants for the Garden. Los Olivos, CA: Cachuma Press. 2005.