Romneya trichocalyx

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Species Name: Romneya trichocalyx
Common Name: Matilija Poppy

Huge blossoms (to 9" across). One of California's most spectacular and best-known flowers. Once established, it spreads over a large area. Great for slope or back of garden. RARE. Limited distribution. Narrower leaves than R. Coulteri.

Plant Family: Papaveraceae
Plant Type: Perennial Herb/Shrub
Height by Width: Flower stalk to 8' high
Growth Habit: Upright, spiky; spreads by rhizomes
Deciduous/Evergreen: Semi-evergreen
Growth Rate: Fast
Sun Exposure: Sun
Soil Preference: Well-draining
Water Requirements: Dry to semi-dry
Cold Hardy to: 4,000'
Flower Season: May-July
Flower Color: White, yellow center
Endangered?: Not listed
Distribution: Western South Coast, Peninsular Range, into northern Baja
Natural Habitat: Dry washes and canyons below 3,300'

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