Solanum xantii

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Solanum xantii
Solanum xantii

Species Name: Solanum xantii
Common Name: Blue Witch

Long bloom season with deep, infrequent watering. Very drought tolerant. Recommended under oaks or pines. Berries attract birds. Caution: all parts are toxic.

Plant Family: Solanaceae
Plant Type: Shrub
Height by Width: 3'h x 3'w
Growth Habit: Low, trailing
Deciduous/Evergreen: Semi-deciduous
Growth Rate: Fast
Sun Exposure: Sun or Shade
Soil Preference: Rocky and loam
Water Requirements: Dry-Semi-moist
Cold Hardy to: To 15 degrees
Flower Season: Spring to Summer
Flower Color: Dark Blue
Endangered?: Not Listed
Distribution: California Floristic Province, Desert Mountains, Baja.
Natural Habitat: Shrubland, oak/pine woodland, coniferous forest below 7500'.

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Care and Maintenance

  • Introduced into cultivation in California by Theodore Payne.
  • From California Native Plants, Theodore Payne's 1941 catalog: "Shrubby plant 1 to 3 feet high. Rich green foliage; flowers violet or lavender blue; very showy when in bloom. Gallon cans, 40c."
Other Names
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