Wildfire in Southern California


Wildfire is an inherent part of life in Southern California. It is both an essential element of our local ecology that contributes to the rich biodiversity of the region as well as a very real and dangerous threat to people and property. Fire has been part of this land for millions of years, but during the past century, its frequency has increased due to climate change and a growing population. As we adjust to this new reality, we are learning from scientists, researchers, and firefighters about the ways that we can each take individual action to create wildfire resilient communities.

This guide will introduce you to the basics of wildfire in Southern California through the lens of California native plants and offer easy actions you can take at home to create and maintain a fire-wise landscape. Follow the links below to discover more about Fire Ecology, Post-fire Regeneration, the Wildland-Urban Interface, Fire-wise Landscaping, and TPF’s La Tuna Fire Story.


This program was made possible in part by Edison International.

Illustrations by Edward Lum.