Past Exhibitions

Andrew Danielsen

Andrew Danielsen


Kelly Malka: Spring of Life
April 8 through September 9, 2023


Studio Tutto: Seed Spires
April 1 through September 9, 2022


Lesley Goren: Containment
December 3, 2021 through February 28, 2022


2019 Artist-in-Residence Randall Von Bloomberg: Tikkun Olam and the California Native Garden
September 14 through December 31, 2019

Pat Pickett: Plants + Wind
May 11 through August 17, 2019

January 19 through April 20, 2019


Julia Paull: Perfect Mason
September 22 through December 29, 2018

Devon Tsuno: LA River Seedlings
May 5 through August 18, 2018

Illuminations: Oil Paintings by Andrew Danielsen
February 10 through April 21, 2018


Edward Lum, 2017 Theodore Payne Foundation Artist-in-Residence
A Call to Action: Works by Edward Lum
September 9, 2017, through January 20, 2018

The Gottlieb Native Garden: Photographs by Susan Gottlieb
May 6 through August 19, 2017

Joan Keesey: Wild Flowers at Theodore Payne
Watercolors of native plants and flowers
January 21 through April 22, 2017


Estelle DeRidder: Scientific Illustrations of California Native Plants and Pollinator Species
May 7 through August 20, 2016

Christine Nguyen, 2016 Artist in Residence
Christine Nguyen: Cyanotype Impressions of California Plants
September 10 through December 30, 2016

Women Artists and the California Landscape: Ida L. Moody, Jane Pinheiro and Gene Bauer
Selections from the Theodore Payne Collection
January 16 through April 23, 2016


Ann Page: Winged, Fluted and Reticulated
October 3 through December 31, 2015
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Mara Lonner: So much, nothing
March 21 through September 15, 2015
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Due to construction at TPF, the gallery was dark during Fall 2014 and Winter 2015.


Plein Air Painting of Theodore Payne Foundation by the San Fernando Valley Art Club
July 3 through August 16, 2014
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SPECIAL EXHIBITION: Inspired: LA Artists Respond to California Native Plant Garden — outdoor installations by Los Angeles-based contemporary artists, in conjunction with the 11th Annual Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour
Saturday, April 5, and Sunday, April 6, 2014
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Jessica Rath: Buzz Pollinate: Slits, Pores and Valves
March 29 through June 14, 2014
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Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California: The art and science of native plants
January 11 through March 15, 2014
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Mary-Austin Klein: The Native Edge: Human encroachment on native plant environments
October 10 through December 28, 2013
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Jane Pinheiro

Jane Pinheiro Remixed: The Print Project: Reprints of Rare, Mid-Century Wood Blocks in the Theodore Payne Collection
March 15 through September 14, 2013 (extended)
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Made at Theodore Payne Foundation: Books and monoprints created by adults and children during workshops conducted by Laura Stickney, TPF 2012 Artist-in-Residence
January 11 through March 2, 2013


Laura Stickney, 2012 Artist-in-Residence
Laura Stickney: Aspects of Theodore Payne Foundation in Line and Color
October 12 through December 29, 2012
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Jane Pinheiro: Rare Block Prints in the Theodore Payne Foundation Collection
July 14 through September 30, 2012

Joan Keesey:  Wild Flowers of Mineral King
March 31 through June 30, 2012

Inspired ‘ Interpretations of California Native Flora, Fauna and the Natural Landscape of the Theodore Payne Foundation
February 1 through March 24, 2012

Gene Bauer


Gene Bauer: The Golden Native Notebooklets
Exhibition of The Golden Native – 26 serigraph booklets produced by Gene Bauer in the late 60s and 70s. Artworks were drawn from the Foundation’s collection.
October 1 through January 21, 2011

From the Theodore Payne Foundation
Selections from the Foundation’s permanent collection, including works by Jane Pinheiro, David Daniels, Pamela Burgess, Henry Evans, Elinor Nissley, Ida Moody and John McDaniel.
July 1 through September 30, 2011

Nature in Relief: Letterpress Graphics
Winter 2011


Nature in Relief: Letterpress Graphics 
Plant portrait block prints inspired by native flora at the Foundation by TPF 2011 Artist-in-Residence Elinor Nissley.
Fall 2010

Jane Pinheiro

Pinheiro’s Watercolors: A Collection Lost and Re-found
Jane Pinheiro watercolors recently donated to the Foundation.
July 1 through September 30, 2010

A Variety of Flowers and Pollinators: Photography by Dave Daniels
January 2 through March 31, 2010


The Art of Seeds 
Group show of photographs and other media that explore seeds, including work by John McDonald, Sophie Fountleroy, Henry Evans, Melanie Symonds, Pamela Burgess, Allison Starcher, and Theodore Payne catalogues and seed packets
October 1 through December 31, 2009

Ida Moody: Painted Photographs
Exhibition of the Foundation’s collection of the artist’s painted photographs from the 1900’s
July 1 through September 30, 2009

Exhibition of the Foundation’s collection of the artist’s oil paintings of plant portraits
April 1 through June 30, 2009

Arctostapylos and the Bokeh
New works by photographer Richard Dickey. Bokeh, derived from the Japanese word boke, meaning “fuzzy or blurred,” is the out-of-focus area in a photograph
January 1 through March 30, 2009


Radiant Light: Shadow Drawings of California Native Plants
Graphite shadow drawings of native plants in the Foundation’s gardens and nursery by Pamela Burgess. Inaugural exhibition in the Foundation’s new Artist-in-Residence program
October 1 through December 3, 2008

Botanical Prints by Henry Evans 
Linoleum block prints of California native plants from the 1900’s
July 1 through September 30, 2008

Art of the Crate Label 
Historical fruit crate labels with images of California native plants
April 1 through June 30, 2008

Artists of The Southern California Gardener
Group exhibition of works featured in the regional newsletter, including Georgia Bragg, Melanie Baer-Keeley, Lisa Pompelli, Robert Schulenberg and Allison Mia Starcher
January 1 through March 31, 2008


Jane Pinheiro’s Watercolors 
Wildflower paintings donated to the Foundation by the artist.
Dates unknown.

California’s Wild Places: Plein Air Landscape Paintings
Paintings of the San Gabriel Mountains by contemporary artists, including Margot Lennartz, Kendra Page, Liz Reday and Laura Wambsgans.
July 1 through September 30, 2007

Poppy Portraits: The California Poppy in Art
Open call for artwork depicting Eschscholzia californica, our State flower.
April 1 through June 30, 2007

Fred Kuretzki: X-ray Photographs
Images created by the photographer at the Foundation.
January 1 through March 31, 2007


Native to California: The Botanical Artists Guild of Southern California
Selected artists, including Melanie Symonds, Gilly Schaeffer and others, invited to exhibit works depicting the California flora.
October 1 through December 31, 2006