Demonstration Gardens of Living Collections

TPF gardensTheodore Payne Foundation’s Living Collection includes the native plants in our demonstration gardens and nursery, as well as plants grown in containers as mother stock. The Living Collection provides visitors with beautiful and inspiring examples of California’s native flora and are also planted to meet the needs of the TPF’s horticulture and education programs – providing seed and cuttings for the Seed Program and Nursery, and teaching materials for adult and children’s classes.

Visit our demonstration gardens in the retail nursery, La Fetra Nature Education Facilities, and Fire Management Demonstration Garden to see displays of mature specimens – inspiration for your own garden. You’ll find plantings for sun, shade, slopes, narrow beds, pollinators, birds, groundcovers, wild flowers, and fire-wise landscapes.

Our grounds are a wonderful place to visit — and visitors are welcome all year. Admission is always free. Hike to the top of Wild Flower Hill and enjoy a picnic overlooking the San Fernando Valley, or take a stroll through our nursery and Demonstration Gardens. Friendly, on-leash dogs are welcome.

Garden Policies

TPF gardensLeave flowers where you find them, so that others may enjoy them. We also propagate from seeds and cuttings collected from the plants on the grounds, so please do not take samples. If you would like staff to identify a plant you have seen, bring us to the plant rather than bring the plant to us.

Do scratch and sniff. Many native plants are fragrant, especially sages. Feel free to touch them and find out which ones you like best.

No smoking. We are in a high fire risk area and smoking is not permitted anywhere on the grounds at any time.

Stay on established trails. For both your safety and the health of our natural areas.

Keep dogs on leash. Dogs are welcome as long as they remain on leash at all times. Our grounds are very special and a lot of work goes into maintaining them. Keep dogs on paths and pick up after them. The leash rule is for your dog’s safety as well. Coyotes, bobcats and rattlesnakes are common sightings on the property.

Keep children close. Rattlesnakes are not uncommon on the property, especially in spring and early summer. Don’t be afraid to explore the grounds, but stay alert and keep small children under close supervision. If you see a rattlesnake, please notify staff immediately