Nursery & Store Hours & Policies

Note: We will be closed August 10 and September 1 for inventory days.

Theodore Payne Foundation is currently open Tuesday-Saturday 8:30am-4:30pm for outdoor shopping! Reservations are no longer required, except during our Winter Plant Sale, Poppy Days Spring Sale, and Fall Sale. You can also purchase plants and other items for pick up through our Online Store.

  • Pre-purchased plants can currently be picked up Tuesday-Saturday between the hours of 8:30am-4:30pm
  • We are always closed on Sunday and Monday, out of respect for our neighbors

Please check our homepage or call (818) 768-1802 for updates.

Nursery Policies

No Smoking. Anywhere on the property. Ever. We are in a high fire-risk zone, surrounded by dry sagebrush and residential properties.

Dogs Must Be On Leash. Friendly dogs are welcome in the sales yard and on our trail. However, for everyone’s safety —including that of your dog, our plants, our wildlife, and other dogs – we require that all visiting dogs be leashed. Rattlesnakes and coyotes are common on the grounds, including in the sales yard. Please pick up after your pet.