From the Archives: 1962 Meeting

The Theodore Payne Archives is a treasured collection of Mr. Payne’s papers, nursery catalogs, seed processing and nursery equipment, and personal effects. Materials may be viewed by appointment for research purposes. Here are some of the items from the archives.

1962 – Annual Meeting of the Theodore Payne Foundation at Descanso Gardens

The Foundation held its annual membership meeting at Descanso Gardens in 1962, with Theodore Payne as the honored guest and speaker. Payne shared many memories of his long life and career in support of the California flora, then gave a tour of the California native plant garden that he designed and installed. At the conclusion of his talk, Theodore made this point about the critical importance of the Foundation created to continue his work:

“Well, I hope for the Foundation that we’ll be able to grow a large variety of native trees and shrubs and wildflowers and bulbs and ferns and everything and supply them to the people at reasonable rates; to give some to schools and Boy Scouts and Campfire Girls and so on. Also to enter into a campaign of education; educate the people to the value of these beautiful things that God’s given us in this beautiful California.” Click below to hear a selection from Theodore’s presentation.

1.681.70 2.21 Bonnie Templeton James Seaman, president of the Foundation  Assembled members and guests  1.46  Theodore Payne 1.53  1.48