Seed Donations

Seed Collection/Donation Policy
Please print and fill out this form and attach it to your seed donation.
• We welcome and appreciate garden collected seed. We cannot accept seed from hybrids (indicated by an “x” in the plant name) and cultivars (with single quotes in the name). Plants grown from this seed will not come true, meaning seedlings will be variable and, most likely, not resemble the parent plant.

• Please let us know if your garden has another plant within the same genus near the “mother plant” from which you harvested seed (for example, some gardens contain two or more types of sage). If there is any potential that the seed may produce a hybrid plant, it could be used in a seed mix and, if so, the seed packet will indicate that it contains a possible hybrid seed so that customers are aware of that potential.

• We do not accept seed collected from wild areas (“wild areas” are places that would require a special permit for any plant or seed collecting, and include public or protected land such as roadsides, nature preserves, national forests and state parks). As you hike or drive our beautiful wild areas, take photos and memories – not seed!