Web V1 from 2013, at least 14 years after launch!

In early 2014, just after I started working here, Theodore Payne Foundation premiered a new web site, the product of many months of work. This was a big step forward for TPF and a crowning accomplishment for former Executive Director Lynnette Kampe. After four years of using the site almost every day, I am grateful for this advance and the platform it has given us. But, I still fondly remember the original site. That first site was created by board members and volunteers John Wickham and Ken Gilliland. The vision and hard work of TPF leadership meant that the Foundation had a rich, robust web presence long before many other organizations. As a gardener, I visited that earliest version to find TPF’s hours, peruse the inventory, and scope out sales. A few phantom pages are still floating around the WWW.

Today, we are launching theodorepayne.org V3 with an eye toward modern communication and the power of beauty to promote native plants. So, what’s new?

Desert willow, Chilopsis 'Burgundy' by Madena Asbell

Desert willow, Chilopsis ‘Burgundy’ by Madena Asbell

The look, of course, has taken a more modern turn with brighter colors, more images, and a few videos.

The organization is meant to be more accessible to people just learning about native plants (and the Theodore Payne Foundation) while keeping key resources, including the Native Plant Database, Inventory, and Calendar of classes, on the top of every page.

The calendar streamlines registration by linking directly to Eventbrite.

The blog is for us to share information and updates with you. In part, the blog fills the place left by The Poppy Print member newsletter, but allows us to spread our word beyond our membership.

While the site is going live today, new features will be added over the next few weeks, so please check back in.

Like all great TPF projects, this one was the work of many people. I’d like to thank the Sanders Charitable Trust for their transformative support. Without their gifts, a good idea would have remained only an idea. Our webmaster Matt Silbert has worked hand in hand with TPF staff since 2013 and we thank him for his creativity, responsiveness, and good cheer. Barbara Eisenstein read over all the material on the site (amazingly!) and suggested improvements. The delightful opening video is courtesy of Aerial Inspired Reality. Many TPF staff contributed further to the site’s organization, content, and images. Without their programs, we wouldn’t have much to post! My sincere thanks to all.

— Kitty Connolly, Executive Director