If you’ve been following TPF on social media, you may know that one of our major outreach efforts this year has been in telling the nuanced story of wildfire in Southern California. Our goal with this work is to share clear information to the general public that offers an entry point for firewise landscaping and safety, while also shining a light on the ecological significance that wildfire plays in the wild landscapes of Southern California. This project was conceived in a pre pandemic world, so the way that we executed on the work shifted significantly during it’s course. Instead of holding in person events and classes, we moved online, building a new wildfire web portal, hosting a series of free classes and outreach events, and hosting a Poppy Hour episode on wildfire.

We would like to thank Edison International for their support of the project, and their flexibility throughout the process. We are excited to announce that Edison International has offered their support for us to continue this project in 2021, building upon content we have already created. We hope to share the message more broadly, and in the process help Southern Californians understand wildfire and make safe, ecologically beneficial choices in maintaining their properties. Stay tuned throughout the year, as we will continue to offer free events and outreach materials relating to Southern California wildfire.